Save the stress at the end of each tax year with our accounts integrated EPOS solution. You can directly link your EPOS system with your accounts package. We integrate with both Sage 50 Accounts and Xero.

What are the benefits of integrating my accounts?

Save Money

Instead of needing to manually input all of your figures at the end of each trading day, the software will do it for you. After each trading day, the figures will automatically transfer into your accounts package, removing the need for a member of staff to manually process this.

Remove Human Error

Manual data input is time consuming as well as prone to human error. If the system takes care of transferring the data manually the need for inputting it and therefore making mistakes is removed.

Save Time

The hours spent inputting the data from the till system can be timely, the automatic data poll will completely remove the time spent on this. Therefore improving your overall business efficiency.